Deadpool 3, Hugh Jackman confirms the Timeline of Wolverine

Deadpool 3 Hugh Jackman Wolverine

There is no way out; Wolverine is dead, as we all witnessed in Logan. Hugh Jackman’s confirmation that Deadpool 3 is set before the events described in Logan, therefore, comes as no surprise. Those who questioned if his involvement with Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool altered Logan’s events in any way received an official and unequivocal response from him. In an interview with The Empire Film Podcast, Jackman effectively has this to say about Deadpool 3 Wolverine’s Timeline:

The timeline of Deadpool 3

He [James Mangold] was actually really cool about it. I did tell him that it took place before our movie, so I wasn’t gonna screw with the claws popping out of the grave. So he was relieved by that, and he totally got it. He thought it was a good idea. None of us wanted to screw with that. I was really proud of that movie and what we did, and it felt perfect. And actually, for five years, I was really, honestly, I can tell you, I was kind of a hard done, I was like, this was it. It was August 14, I remember driving, and it just came to me like that. I just thought this would be so much fun. I’ll probably have more fun in that movie than in anything I’ve ever done. This year. And August 13, I was like, ‘I’m never playing that part again, I promise you.'”

Hugh Jackman says Wolverine and Deadpool Hate Each Other in Deadpool 3

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool will be facing off in the upcoming “Deadpool 3,” but it won’t be a friendly reunion. Jackman recently revealed on the “Empire Film Podcast” that the two characters “Hate Each Other” and teased their contentious dynamic in the film, which will mark their official debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe under Disney.

How do I categorize it? Ten being really close, zero being the reality: we’re zero; we’re opposites, hate each other.

More about Deadpool 3

In the Shawn Levy-directed sequel Deadpool 3, Ryan Reynolds will return to the character of the ferocious and profane superhero, this time joined by Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. It’s unclear whether Jackman will do a little cameo or a more significant role in the movie. What is clear is that one of Hollywood’s funniest and most attractive couples, Reynolds and Jackman, will star together in one of the most eagerly awaited movies of the upcoming years.

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