Captain America 4: Officially In Production, Set Photos Reveal Anthony Mackie’s MCU Return

Captain America 4 Anthony Mackie

Captain America 4, also known as Captain America: New World Order, is an upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe directed by Julius Onah. This is significant as it marks the first feature film dedicated to Sam Wilson’s Captain America, portrayed by Anthony Mackie.

The movie comes after the events of the miniseries The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, where Wilson ultimately decides to take on the mantle of Captain America after his friend Steve Rogers, played by Chris Evans, departs.

Recently, Just Jared shared some unpublished shots from the set of Captain America 4, confirming that production has officially begun. While these shots do not reveal any critical details, it is still exciting to see Anthony Mackie reprise his role as the iconic superhero. Fans are hoping for more interesting behind-the-scenes photos as filming continues.

Captain America 4: Set Photos

Marvel Studio’s Captain America 4 will be released worldwide in 2024, written by Dalan Musson. The cast includes Harrison Ford as Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes, Tim Blake Nelson as Samuel Sterns, Carl Lumbly as Isaiah Bradley, and many other talented actors.