Bryan Cranston Reveals his favorite Walter White Quote in Breaking Bad

Fans can quote many iconic Walter White lines in “Breaking Bad” by heart. Like “I am the one who knocks” or “say my name,” but, surprisingly, “Tread lightly” is Bryan Cranston’s Favorite line from the show (which can be understood with “Go easy”). The two words appear in only one episode of Blood Money (Season5, E9)

In the episode, Hank discovers that White is a drug lord, an accusation to which White responds by saying: “If that’s true if you don’t know who I really am, then the best thing is to take it easy (Tread Lightly).”

Bryan Explains why, The choice was motivated starting from the character of White, who is the one who always manages to keep the situation under control and reason; “Take it easy” is obviously his motto, without which the construction of the character would fall.

“In many ways, he was cautious. Even though he stepped into landmines, he was cautious almost all the time. When he didn’t follow that motto is when he failed, like shooting Mike [Jonathan Banks]. It was very emotional. And Jesse, ‘I watched Jane die.’ It was unnecessary cruelty and emotional vomiting from his point of him. When he didn’t follow that philosophy, he found himself in the most troubling condition. “