Bruce Willis sells the Rights to his image for Deepfake use

Actor Bruce Willis made history by becoming the first Hollywood celebrity to sell his likeness. He will be able to keep acting by using DeepFake technology.

A person’s likeness may be placed over another person, thanks to DeepFake technology. It is feasible to produce a visual and aural “twin” of someone in videos using machine learning and AI. The use of the technology in the Star Wars world has previously been made for bringing back the Younger version of Luke and Lea Skywalker.

Bruce Willis explains the reason for the choice.

Willis permitted DeepFake, a company that creates what are referred to be “digital twins,” to use his image in a phone advertising, according to The Telegraph. Willis remarked:

“I liked the precision with which my character came out. It’s a mini-movie in my usual action comedy genre. For me, it’s a great opportunity to go back in time “. He added: “With the advent of modern technology, even when I was on another continent, I could communicate, work and participate in filming. It is a very new and interesting experience, and I thank all our team”.

Deepcake, a firm, charges a fraction of what it would cost to feature a celebrity like Willis in a production. This technology makes it possible to view actors in parts they played before they passed away. There is no disputing that deepfake technology provides an exciting option for the future of television and movies, even though all technological breakthroughs have the potential to be utilized for evil purposes.

After a more than 40-year acting career, Bruce Willis announced earlier this year that he would retire because of Aphasia. Over time, the disease has an impact on language comprehension and expression.

Insiders stated following the news that his health issues have been a worry for several years. A White Elephant crew member claimed that Willis would have trouble understanding his lines since others frequently provided them to him.

Director Jesse V. Johnson had previously stated that after filming wrapped, “… it was decided as a team that we wouldn’t make another. “Stressing then that “We are all fans of Bruce Willis, it is a rather sad end to an incredible career that none of us felt comfortable with.”