Breaking Bad | The Hardest Scene Anna Gunn had a problem filming

Breaking Bad | The Hardest Scene Anna Gunn had a problem filming

The role of Skyler White on Breaking Bad is where Anna Gunn is most renowned for her acting. She plays the wife of the main character, Walter White, and her character development takes viewers on an emotional roller coaster. Throughout it all, Skyler attempts to protect her children.

Skyler White’s persona wasn’t well-liked. Many admirers hated her for maintaining a neutral stance on her husband’s choice. They began to hate Skyler for getting in the way of him. Walter was favored as the lead by the audience.

The most challenging scene Anna Gunn filmed.

“Ozymandias” from season five is one of the most significant television episodes ever. When Walter arrives with the kids and heads off to gather his things, Skyler is shocked to see him. To protect the children, Skyler slices Walter’s hand after he takes out a knife during a fight.

“We shot the fight sequence on our studio set in Albuquerque,” Gunn said to the Hollywood Reporter. “But the portion when Walter steals baby Holly and runs out to drive away, we recorded on location in a neighboring residential area.” 

It started to rain; then the rain. Gunn was therefore forced to wait a long period before they could reshoot. She clarified:

There was a specific time to the sequence and certain spots for me to pause, so I had to deal with the paradox of giving in to the technical limitations of what I had to do and the emotion of the situation. 

We were also running late, and the crew’s lunch break was coming. I clearly remember having anxiety about the scene.

After the first take, the director reportedly asked Gunn how she was feeling. My second take just exploded when I informed him that I was feeling a little stuck at that moment and that I shouldn’t worry about anything else. He also recommended I take as much time as I needed.