15 Most Cringe Moments from Friends

Most Cringe Moments from Friends

Friends is one the most popular sitcoms of all time; The NBC show ran for ten seasons from 1994-2004. It captivated the life of six good friends who went through the ups and downs of life. The show had, without any doubt, countless funny moments that made us laugh like a maniac, but there were some moments in the series which made me feel like Nails on a chalkboard. Yes, we’re talking about most cringe moments from Friends.

So here are the 15 Most Cringe Moments from Friends

Ross wants to have s*x with his cousin.

Rachel went on a job interview and had pen ink on her lip the whole time.

Monica accidentally overhears her parents fooling around in the bathroom.

Janice couldn’t hold in that great laugh of hers.

Rachel convinces Ross’ girlfriend Bonny to shave her head so that he breaks up with her.

Monica getting turned on by Phoebe massaging her.



Ross is taking on one of Phoebe’s massage clients, thinking he will be massaging a hot girl.



Rachel answered the door to welcome her new boyfriend, Joshua, in a wedding dress.



Ross convinced Ben to play with G.I Joe instead of Barbie since he thought it was not manly enough.

Monica was unexpected on the gang’s Barbados trip and got cornrows.

Chandler couldn’t take a decent engagement picture and kept smiling like a creep.

Phoebe ran in her unique way instead of jogging like an average person with Rachel.

Ross and Monica are performing their middle school routine on D!ck Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

Rachel and Joey are hook!ng up.

Ross is Monica’s first kiss EVER. This was, without any doubt, the most cringe moment from Friends.