15 Facts about Friends, that you Maybe didn’t Know

One of the most well-liked television shows ever is Friends. For ten years, millions of people followed the exploits, relationships, and struggles of a group of six friends in New York.

The first episode of the series premiered on September 22, 1994. It will be the show’s 28th anniversary on September 22, 2022.

So here are 15 Facts about Friends, that you Maybe didn’t Know:

Friends was not the original name.

The writers of the Show, David Crane, and Marta Kauffman, already had a little script written. But Friends Like Us was given to it once NBC bought it. After that, the phrase “across the hall” was considered. After a while, the name was altered to Six of One, and Friends was eventually decided upon at launch.

The series was not filmed in New York.

Many people were disappointed that Friends wasn’t always filmed in New York. Of course, it is where the outside pictures of the structure and the city were taken. For instance, Warner’s studios in Los Angeles created the sequences shot in the apartments and Central Perk.

Phoebe and Mike wouldn’t be together in the end.

Phoebe and David were supposed to get married at first. Paul Rudd’s magnetism, however, made sure that Mike, the character, was the fortunate one to win Phoebe’s heart.

Matthew Perry and Alcoholism

While working on the Friends in 1997, Matthew Perry sought treatment for drug and alcohol problems. The actor claimed that he never got intoxicated when filming but was constantly miserable from a hangover. Fans’ anguish has been increased by the actor’s recent return to struggle with alcoholism.

Lisa Kudrow’s Pregnancy Was Written Into The Script

The writers included Lisa Kudrow’s pregnancy into the sitcom’s plot. They made Phoebe the “mother” of her brother’s triplets.

Monica and Joey would be a couple.

Even though it seems strange to consider now, Monica and Joey were once intended to be dating. Thankfully, the plot didn’t work out, and Monica and Chandler were already in place.

The cast went to Las Vegas before the series premiered

The actors had dinner at Caesar’s Palace to take advantage of their final minutes of privacy. Through the journey, their bonds were ultimately strengthened.

Ross was written for David Schwimmer.

David Schwimmer was the only actor who didn’t try out for the part. Before the start of the series, he appeared in a pilot episode with the writers. Even then, Ross has been primarily written with the actor in mind.

Salaries grew

Each of the significant performers in Friends made around $22,000 each episode when the show first premiered. This amount increased to $1 million for every episode last season.

The cast could have been very different.

Courteney Cox was almost cast as Rachel rather than Monica. Still, the actress insisted on switching roles because she preferred the “stronger” one.

Due to his commitment to the television series LAX 2194, Matthew Perry just lost out on the part of Chandler. Fortunately, the show was a failure. The actor was given the amount that had previously been tried by Jon Favreau, the director of Iron Man, and Jon Cryer, from Two and a Half Men.

For the character of Phoebe, Jane Lynch from Glee and Kathy Griffin from Suddenly Susan both auditioned. Still, as we all know, Lisa Kudrow won the part in the end.

The Ugly Naked Guy (Ugly Naked Guy) only had his identity revealed in 2016

The Huffington Post’s research identified the Ugly N*ked Guy, the friends’ naked next-door neighbor. Jon Haugen is the name of the actor.

Lisa Kudrow Hated Playing Guitar

How can Phoebe and all of her musical “gifts” be forgotten? This appears to be a result of the character’s interpreter. Lisa Kudrow didn’t enjoy playing the guitar and quit her lessons to get better at it. This ultimately turned out to be one of Phoebe’s most exceptional skills—or lack thereof.

Jennifer Aniston Wasn’t A Big Fan Of Rachel’s Haircut

One of the most intriguing truths regarding things that the Friends performers didn’t particularly enjoy was that Jennifer Aniston hated her character’s iconic hairstyle.
The actress said that she required assistance from numerous people because she didn’t know how to manage the haircut. It is important to remember that the cut was popular and established a trend when the series first aired.

Real audience

Many concerts featuring background laughter aren’t recorded with a live crowd; instead, the laughter is frequently added in post-production. On Friends, the writers enjoyed watching the audience’s response to determine which gags were successful and which were not.
Only episodes that were crucial to the overall storyline were an exception. In this instance, the goal was to prevent spoilers from leaking.

Gunther would just be an extra

James Michael Tyler’s character, Gunther, would only serve as an extra because he was the only one who knew how to operate the coffee maker. But as his supporters warmed to him, their cries began to repeat and gain importance.

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