10 Best Survival Movies to Watch Right Now

The fundamental purpose of life is to remain alive. The stories following are essentially real because of this. Near-death stories peel away society’s shackles and put their protagonists in touch with nature. These heroes are lost, famished, mauled, and even altered. Yet they grab what’s left and struggle to breathe.
So here are 10 Best Survival Movies to Watch Right Now:

Life Of Pi (2012)

The movie tells the tale of Pi Patel, played by Irrfan Khan, a young guy who manages to survive in a lifeboat that gets lost at sea in the middle of nowhere. His battle against the odds is made more difficult by the presence of a Bengal tiger male and a hyena.

The Grey (2011)

A group of people returning home together after working as oil workers in Alaska. They experience severe turbulence while in the air, and suddenly the plane crashes. Some of the survivors, notably Liam Neeson’s John Ottway, form a group to attempt to endure the bitter cold.

Everest (2015)

The film is based on events from the 1996 Mount Everest catastrophe. It centers on two expedition parties Rob Hall (Jason Clarke) and Scott Fischer (Jake Gyllenhaal), commanded as they struggle to survive. Climbers from two teams began their last ascent of Mount Everest, the highest peak on Earth, on May 10, 1996. A tremendous storm suddenly strikes the mountain, and the intrepid travelers are engulfed in one of the most intense blizzards ever recorded. The teams must contend with the most extreme weather imaginable while fighting to survive a titanic struggle against almost unfathomable odds.

Cast Away (2000)

Chuck Nolan (Tom Hanks), a systems analyst executive for FedEx, traverses the globe to solve productivity issues. When the cargo aircraft he is flying crashes into the Pacific Ocean after becoming trapped in a storm. He discovers himself alone on a lonely, deserted island. Chuck must find methods to survive in his new home because there is no way to leave.

The Revenant (2015)

Legendary frontiersman Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) gets attacked by a bear and suffers serious injuries; his hunting party deserts him. He uses his abilities to live and get revenge on John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy), who betrayed him.
After five prior nominations, Leonardo DiCaprio received his first Oscar for this movie.

All Is Lost (2013)

A mariner (Robert Redford) awakens to discover his ship taking on water after colliding with a stray cargo container while on a solo journey in the ocean. He cruises blindly into a fierce storm with his radio and navigation equipment damaged and only almost makes it out alive. Still, with supplies running low and sharks lurking nearby, the sailor must accept his mortality. Hopefully, the ocean currents will take him into a shipping channel.

127 hours (2010)

Young mountaineer Aron enjoys hiking and exploring the outdoors. He embarks on a lonesome trek to Utah’s Blue John Canyon without telling anybody. He slides into a chasm, and a boulder rolls, pinning his arm against the rock wall as he travels a dangerous section. He battles for 127 hours before being rescued. Additionally, the movie received 6 Academy Award nominations.

The Road (2009)

After the end of the world, The planet Earth is a desolate, lifeless grey desert. A man (Viggo Mortensen) must defend his son from a horde of cannibals, who have taken to the streets after a calamity that occurred years before. They intend to go south, where the climate is more favorable.

The Impossible (2012)

The experience of Mara Belón and her family in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami served as the inspiration for the movie.
Maria, Henry, and their three children plan to spend Christmas in Thailand. But as a tsunami unexpectedly rises, dividing the family, their beautiful vacation becomes a nightmare.

Zombieland (2009)

Despite being a comedy, this film is nonetheless about survival. The movie, set in post-apocalyptic America, follows a little kid who attempts to go to Ohio to check on his parents. On his route, he encounters a man searching for the renowned “Twinkie” snacks, which are no longer available due to the catastrophe. The two encounter two unfriendly sisters who ultimately decide to travel with them. Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and a funny Bill Murray portraying himself make up the cast.

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