The Screaming Goats from Thor: Love and Thunder were inspired from Taylor Swift’s Music Meme

Taika Waititi explains the meaning of the scene from Thor: Love and Thunder and confirms that it is taken from a meme.

In Thor: Love and Thunder, there is a memorable scene where goats scream. Let’s forget the why and wherefore, and let’s see what director Taika Waititi said about this bizarre choice for the sequence in question.

“The goats were supposed to be there anyway because they’re in the comic, but we didn’t know what they would sound like,” Waititi said. “[Then] in post-production, someone found this meme of a Taylor Swift song with goats screaming. I didn’t even know it existed. I heard the goats screaming, and I thought it was crazy”.

The offending meme, which you can see above, refers to Taylor Swift’s song I Knew You Were Trouble, popularised around ten years ago (2012). The sound of a goat screaming is easily placed into the chorus of the song in this video using a simple process that was very well-liked by YTPs at the time. Which, appropriately, has the caption “Goat Remix.”

In the film, Waititi explains, the sound of the goats was modeled on that of the meme in post-production. “It wasn’t about the movie or anything. It was just an update. In any case, the sounds of the goats’ screams remained in the finished product because they were crazy”—Taika Waititi as director, ladies, and gentlemen.