The Meaning of the Song Sung by Daemon Targaryen to Vermithor

The Meaning of the Song Sung by Daemon Targaryen to Vermithor

We received a lot of shocks in House of the Dragon’s last episode of the first season, as well as numerous sequences that hinted at similarly unforeseen future developments.

Another scene shows the always-enigmatic Daemon Targaryen singing a mystery song to a dragon that we have never seen before in the castle’s basement. This character’s motivations are still unknown. 

No one has seen him go to see this creature that we were unaware of. Therefore it is undoubtedly something that exclusively suits his interests. 

Let’s start with the fact that it is Vermithor, a century-old dragon that King Jaehaerys once rode (the predecessor of Viserys ).

David J. Peterson is a talented writer who handled the Valyrian and Dothraki texts for Game of Thrones, Explained on the blog:

The Song in Valyrian

Drakari pykiros

Tīkummo jemiros

Yn lantyz bartossa

Saelot vāedis

Hen ñuhā elēnī:

Perzyssy vestretis

Se gēlȳn irūdaks


Perzyro udrȳssi

Ezīmptos laehossi

Hārossa letagon

Aōt vāedan

Hae mērot gierūli:

Se hāros bartossi

Prūmȳsa sōvīli

Gevī dāerī

What does this mean? 

Fire breather

Winged leader

But two heads

To a third sing

From my voice:

The fires have spoken

And the price has been paid

With blood magic

With words of flame

With clear eyes

To bind the three

To you I sing

As one we gather

And with three heads

We shall fly as we were destined

Beautifully, freely