Sylvester Stallone Criticizes Modern Action Films

Sylvester Stallone Criticizes Modern Action Films

Sylvester Stallone is the definition of an action star. Throughout his long acting career, he has played some of the most well-known characters in this genre.

He went through various legends, such as Dredd and others, until arriving at Rocky and Rambo. As a result, in his interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he provides his opinion on current action films.

Great action movies are like a vintage watch. They were initially worth $ 35, and now $ 35,000. How come? Because they are handmade. They weren’t exaggerated. They weren’t supernatural. They were something that a unique human being could accomplish. First Blood Rambo 1 is one of the first action movies. 

His opinion carries a lot of weight. The renowned actor responds when asked if he finds it annoying since the modernization of the genre is marked by an abundance of superheroes and overuse of CGI.

I relied on body acting to tell the story. The character never speaks, but you know exactly what is happening to the other characters. They are almost like the narrators of the Greek tragedy of him. It never stops moving, which I call an “action movie.” There is no CGI. The audience says: It’s extraordinary.

It should not be surprising that Stallone has strong opinions about the action genre, given that he has spent practically his entire career in it. Stallone criticizes the usage of CGI in modern action movies, which is a significant criticism.

Always talking about the first legendary chapter of Rambo, Sylvester Stallone also spoke of the famous and touching monologue of the protagonist.

That scene was brutal to get past the producers. They didn’t want it. I should have shot and died. And I say, “There are many veterans who will look at this and say, ‘So my only hope is to kill myself?’ I can not do that”. I did 20 interviews with veterans, and I did it at that moment, all stream of consciousness, with everything pouring out. I don’t want my heroes to die. I want people to take away a sense of hope when they leave the cinema.