Nicolas Cage Admits to Doing “Crummy” Movies to Pay Back $6 Million Debt

Nicolas Cage Crummy Movies Million Debt

Nicolas Cage, a seasoned actor with a career spanning over four decades, has revealed that he had to take on several low-quality roles to pay off a debt of $6 million. 

How did Nicolas Cage get into $6 Million Debt?

In an interview with CBS, Cage shared that he had invested heavily in real estate and could not get out of it when the market collapsed. “I was overinvested in real estate. It wasn’t because I spent $80 on an octopus. The real estate market crashed, and I couldn’t get out in time.”  

However, he had paid off his debts tirelessly, even if it meant taking on “crummy” roles that might have affected his reputation. “I paid them all back, but it was about $6 million. I never filed for bankruptcy.”

Cage spoke about his experience during this period, acknowledging that not all of his films turned out well. He recognized that even if the movies were not great, he cared about them. 

Nicolas Cage Admits to Doing “Crummy” Movies to Pay Back $6 Million Debt

The “Leaving Las Vegas” actor had to find something to give his all in each of the four films he was working on every year, and even though some of them were not successful, he always considered them. “Even if the movie ultimately is crummy, they know I’m not phoning it in, that I care every time.”

In addition to his financial troubles, Cage revealed that several sequels to his films were put on hold due to the lack of success of other movies, such as The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Ghost Rider, and Drive Angry. 

Cage had numerous creditors after him and spent a considerable amount every month trying to get his mother out of a mental institution. It was a challenging time for him, with everything happening simultaneously.

Cage has been candid about his financial struggles in the past, sharing details of his debts in a 2019 cover story for NYT Magazine. Despite making mistakes in the past, he never filed for bankruptcy and worked hard to correct his financial errors. He expressed his passion for acting, saying it has always been his “guardian angel” and a constant in his life, even when he had to take on less reputable roles.