Martin Scorsese had Trouble Falling Asleep after watching A24’s New Horror Movie

Martin Scorsese had Trouble Falling Asleep after watching A24's New Horror Movie

Martin Scorsese is a legend in the world of filmmaking. Some of his masterpieces are Goodfellas, Taxi Driver, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Raging Bull. Recently over the weekend he watched A24’s new horror film and admitted that it was difficult for him to go asleep after viewing the movie.

The prequel to X, Ti West’s Pearl, a production of A24 with Mia Goth as the lead, was what gave the American director his nightmare. The Film’s 1918 production takes place several years before the original movie’s events.

The movie’s premise is that Pearl is confined to her family’s remote farm, where she must take care of her dying father. Pearl’s goals, desires, and repressions all clash in a horrific manner as she strives for a more glamorous existence. At the same time, her devoted mother keeps a stern and authoritative eye on her.

On September 16, it was released in American cinemas. Martin Scorsese described Pearl as a “deeply disturbing, fascinating and wild” horror movie in a review that was emailed to A24 and published by Film.

“Ti West’s movies have a kind of energy that is so rare these days, powered by pure, undiluted love for cinema. He said: “I was captivated, then disturbed, then so restless that I had trouble falling asleep. But I couldn’t stop looking.”