Leonardo DiCaprio confessed he had Never Touched Substances in his Life

Leonardo DiCaprio confessed he had Never Touched Drugs in his Life

One of the most adored and admired performers in the entire world is Leonardo DiCaprio. He has portrayed various roles during his extraordinary career, including a highly wealthy substance addict like Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street.

He has lived for years in a place where it is simple to acquire substances, but despite doing it properly, he has never used them. DiCaprio claimed in an interview with the Los Angeles Times that despite the “temptation,” he has never given in to using substances.

That’s because I saw these things every day when I was three or four. So Hollywood was a walk in the park for me. I used to go to parties, and it was there, and, yes, there is that temptation. Hollywood is a very volatile place where artists enter and essentially say they want to belong.

It’s incredibly vulnerable to be an actor and receive criticism at a young age when you’re building who you are. Many people have fallen victim to this mechanism, which is truly a shame.

Leonardo DiCaprio got Sick because he Snorted a Fake Substance 

Speaking of The Wolf of Wall Street’s extensive substance use, Jonah Hill revealed that he had snorted so much fake substance on set that he had to go to the hospital.

I snorted so much fake substance on The Wolf Of Wall Street that I had bronchitis for three weeks – he told the US talk show Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons. 

I was hospitalized. We snorted fake substance for, like, seven months, every day. It was vitamin powder, but that doesn’t matter because if you put that much stuff in your lungs, you’ll get sick. I have never taken more vitamin D in my entire life; I could have lifted a car over my f*cking head.

It’s interesting to pretend you’re on substance. I used music. I created a playlist for each scene and tried to use music that made me feel nervous and chaotic. And then I drank a lot of coffee and Red Bull.