Kevin Spacey Fired from Movie after New Allegations

Following recent claims of sexual assault, Kevin Spacey was fired from the film 1242: Gateway to the West.

Kevin Spacey was set to star in Péter Soós’ historical drama1242: Gateway to the West, which was acquired at the Cannes film festival. He would portray a holy man from a Hungarian castle who was attempting to halt Genghis Khan’s army from entering Europe in the movie.

However, the actor lost his role after being charged in the UK with four counts of sexual assault and “forcing a person to engage in penetrating sexual activity without consent”. For this reason, the producer of the film Bill Chamberlain of Chelsea Pictures told Variety that he had replaced Spacey as the protagonist. The plaintiff pleaded not guilty to all five counts. He will be tried in the UK on 6 June 2023.

Instead, Kevin Spacey continues to play the title part in Michael Zaiko Hall’s suspenseful film Peter Five Eight. After the charges, the movie’s producers really supported him.

There are those who wish not to act, but are outnumbered by fans around the world who are waiting for an artist they have enjoyed for decades to return to the screen – the producers said in a statement. The production is unaware of or comments on the various whirlwind allegations. It also states that it is a matter for the courts to determine whether it is valid. Peter Five Eight is a film for fans who care more about art than scandal