Idris Elba Says ‘Disgusting’ Race Backlash Put Him off James Bond Role

Idris Elba Says 'Disgusting' Race Backlash Put Him off James Bond Role

During his appearance on the SmartLess podcast, Idris Elba provided insights into his journey toward being considered for the iconic role of James Bond.

Since Daniel Craig’s departure from the James Bond Franchise, as the iconic spy intensified global anticipation surrounding the announcement of the next 007, among the numerous names circulating in the speculation, Idris Elba emerged as a popular and leading contender for the coveted role. However, the Luther star’s initial enthusiasm was dampened by the racist backlash he encountered.

Reflecting on the matter, Elba expressed his deep gratitude for being regarded as a prime candidate. The significance and prestige associated with portraying James Bond were preserved on him as an actor well-versed in the industry’s dynamics. The opportunity to embody such an iconic character was a pinnacle achievement in his career.

However, the emerging negativity tainted the experience, transforming it into an ugly ordeal rooted in racial discrimination. The actor chose to distance himself from the senseless controversy and let it go, recognizing that some people’s objections were solely based on race.

Earlier this year, in an interview with Esquire UK, Elba revealed his decision to no longer let his skin color define his identity as an actor. He acknowledged society’s preoccupation with race and how it can hinder personal aspirations and growth. Racism, he asserted, deserves discussion, acknowledging its existence, but he emphasized that its power only prevails if one allows it to.

Elba’s own journey led him to abandon the label of a “black actor” as he matured and realized the limitations it imposed. He called for collective growth and recognition that skin color does not define an individual; it is merely a superficial aspect of their being.