How I Met Your Mother’s Ending Controversy Was Impossible To Avoid

How I Met Your Mother’s concluding episode sparked controversy among viewers, a discord that seemed inevitable given the show’s fundamental essence.

The divisive nature of How I Met Your Mother’s series finale became apparent well in advance. In 2014, the nine-season journey of How I Met Your Mother ended, disappointing a significant portion of the audience. Criticism centered on the finale’s reshaping of the main characters’ story arcs, particularly diminishing the much-anticipated meeting between Ted Mosby and Tracy McConnell. Instead, it chose to reunite Ted with his on-and-off love, Robin Scherbatsky. This creative decision followed a season-long build-up to Robin and Barney Stinson’s wedding, culminating in a two-part final episode that garnered a mixed reception.

While the controversial ending may have detracted from Ted’s emotional journey, it underscored that the show’s heart had always been centered on him and Robin. Tracy’s poignant words, spoken while grieving Max’s death — “each of us only gets one, and I got mine already” — suggested that, by this philosophy, every character in How I Met Your Mother ended up with their intended partner: Marshall and Lily, Barney and his daughter, Tracy and Max, and Ted and Robin. However, the finale’s failure to allocate sufficient time for processing Tracy’s death and Ted and Robin’s reunion contributed to the ensuing controversy.

How I Met Your Mother’s unique storytelling concept, with 2030 Ted Mosby recounting tales of love, life, and friendship to Penny and Luke, proved a double-edged sword. This distinctive approach catalyzed the show’s most significant problem, as the finale’s key elements were set in stone early on, leaving little room for creative exploration.

Why How I Met Your Mother Couldn’t Avoid Filming Its Ending In S2:

The certainty of filming the ending early stemmed from practical challenges, as the actors portraying Ted’s kids were growing up and aging out of their roles. The alternative of aging the characters by the show’s end would have disrupted the narrative continuity. Even considering an extended storytelling period would have required an older actor for Ted, presenting a no-win scenario that constrained How I Met Your Mother to adhere to its predetermined finale plan.

Does The HIMYM Alternate Ending Fix Anything?:

In response to the disappointment surrounding How I Met Your Mother’s original ending, an alternate conclusion was released to mend the fractured fan base. While the alternate ending retained the canon divorce of Robin and Barney, a significant departure was the survival of Tracy and her continued relationship with Ted. Although it doesn’t erase all grievances, the alternate ending offers a more satisfying conclusion for Ted and Tracy, addressing some criticisms directed at the original ending.