Has Amber’s Role Been Cut From Aquaman 2?

During interrogation on Tuesday, May 17, Amber Heard reported that she is also in financial trouble. Although she received $ 2 million to act in the second part of the movie ” Aquaman “, she said that she had her participation reduced to just 10 minutes because of the defamation lawsuit that Johnny Depp opened against her.

And according to sources, Amber can still see her character completely cut from the production “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” that opens in theaters in March 2023.

Amber , who plays Mera in the superhero movie, said Warner Bros. no longer wanted her on the project after Depp’s lawyers called her a “liar” and simply “cut out many” of her scenes in the Jason Momoa-starring film.

“They removed scenes that had action, that showed my character and another character — no spoilers — two characters fighting each other, and they basically took a lot out of my role. They just removed a lot,” Amber explained.

Amber revealed that she had a three-picture deal to play Mera, starting with 2017 ‘s Justice League . As per the contracts presented in court, she received almost R$5 million upfront for Aquaman and almost R$10 million in the sequel.

The Petition To Remove Amber Heard From Aquaman 2

A petition created in 2020 to remove Amber Heard from Aquaman as Mera has already garnered over 4.3Million Signatures.