Friends | The hilarious Scene Where Jennifer Aniston Broke her Character

hilarious Scene Jennifer Aniston Broke her Character

There were many times when laughing broke out on and off the set of the television sitcom Friends throughout its ten-year run. When the actors in this epic comedy could not control their laughing in the middle of a scene, as occurred to Jennifer Aniston, causing her to break her character, the recordings left several bloopers. They even had to stop the scenes on a few occasions because the laughter on the recording set itself was out of control.

Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer were responsible for this hilarious episode where Aniston lost control and couldn’t control her laughter. It may be the funniest moment in Friends history for some fans.

The hilarious Scene Where Jennifer Aniston Broke her Character

In Season 15, Episode 7, “The One with Joey’s New Brain,” Ross informs Chandler and Monica that he’s still learning to play the Scottish bagpipe. Towards the end of the episode, he demonstrates what he can do as a gift for their wedding.

You know the tune; sing it, he says as he clumsily starts to play the bagpipes, at which time Phoebe starts to scream and screech as Ross does. As the camera pans over everyone’s faces, this causes laughter in the studio, and Aniston tries to hide her laughter from him.

Because it was so memorable, the show decided to play the bloopers during the credits because they were hilarious. The entire cast, including Matthew Pery, typically hard to break, loses their composure during the blooper.