Clint Eastwood Reportedly Prepping Final Film Before Retiring

Clint Eastwood Final Film

Legendary Hollywood actor and director Clint Eastwood is set to retire from the film industry after his next directorial project, which already has a plot.

Discussing Film first reported the news, indicating that the 92-year-old icon’s long film career is ending. And therefore, Eastwood is working on his latest project, Juror #2, which is a thrilling story of a jury member who discovers he may be the murderer in a murder trial. The member is torn between coming clean and manipulating the other members to escape the crime unscathed.

Although Clint Eastwood has not confirmed his retirement from the industry, Juror #2 is billed as his last Film by Warner Bros. studios, the production company behind the movie. The film studio may have been motivated to finance the project due to the impending retirement of the Hollywood icon. However, Eastwood announced his retirement in 2008, leaving room for the possibility that he may change his mind and make another feature film later.

There is currently no information on who may be starring in Juror #2, although rumors suggest that Eastwood may want a young Hollywood star in the lead role. It also needs to be determined if Eastwood will participate in the Film as an actor.

The Warner Bros. CEO, David Zaslav, had criticized the decision to greenlight Eastwood’s last Film, Cry Macho, which was a box office disappointment and was simultaneously released on HBO Max. Zaslav was reported as saying that the studio did not owe anyone any favors regarding the many financial successes Eastwood had brought to Warner Bros. in the past.