Bryan Cranston Shares Emotional Response After His Movie Removal From Disney Plus

The One and Only Ivan Bryan Cranston Emotional Response Movie Removal Disney Plus

Breaking Bad Actor Bryan Cranston recently took to Instagram to share his thoughts on one of his movies being removed from Disney+.

In a recent cost-cutting effort, Disney announced that several original titles, including the film in question, The One And Only Ivan, would be removed from the streaming service. Cranston expressed his pride in the movie, which tells the real-life story of Ivan the gorilla and his animal co-stars living in captivity at a circus mall.

Initially intended for a theatrical release, The One And Only Ivan found its way to Disney+ in August 2020 due to the pandemic. Cranston urged fans to watch the movie with their families and learn about the events that inspired it. Based on a children’s novel, the film also features voices from Sam Rockwell, Angelina Jolie, and Helen Mirren.

Bryan Cranston Shares Emotional Response After His Movie Removal From Disney Plus

In his Instagram post, Cranston acknowledged that the film would be pulled from Disney+ and encouraged viewers to watch it before it disappears. He shared his excitement about portraying the real-life character who adopted a baby gorilla, Ivan, and raised him in a Washington state suburb.

Cranston described it as a “crazy true story” and expressed gratitude to Disney for the opportunity to bring this heartwarming tale to the screen. He assured fans that watching the movie would make for great family time and promised they would be glad they saw it.

The removal of titles from Disney+ has sparked discussions among fans and creators. While the company aims to meet its financial goals by releasing new projects, there are concerns about the fate of movies like The One And Only Ivan.

Although the streaming service’s financial success heavily relies on Marvel and Star Wars content, there are expectations for diverse entertainment options beyond these franchises. The question now is how much Disney will profit from removing titles like Cranston’s film and whether there are other motivations behind this purge, such as tax breaks or undisclosed reasons.

As the official removal of titles approaches, many are curious to see if Disney has plans for further purges, especially considering the competitive landscape of streaming services like Disney+, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

Despite the removals, Disney continues to bring big hits to theaters simultaneously, leaving fans and industry observers eager to see how the company’s strategies unfold.