Whoopi Goldberg demands Americans, like a lot of what Biden has done, blast Dr. OZ as 'toxic.'

They like that he's pushing to get it done, Goldberg said of the public's view of the president.

Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of "The View, stated that Americans "enjoy a lot" of what President Biden has done and that people understand what he wants to do.

During an interview with Whoopi Goldberg on CNN, Don Lemon gushed about Biden,

telling her that anyone who claims he is "too old" and has low approval ratings ignores the reality that he is "winning."

In the wake of the Democratic Party outperforming midterm expectations in close races across the country after Biden campaigned in predominantly blue areas

Goldberg reacted: "Although the public may not agree with everything he has done, most of it is well received. They appreciate his efforts to complete the task."

After serving in the White House for two years, Goldberg insisted that voters "see what he's trying to do.

Goldberg remarked, "I know Dr. Oz. I don't know what transpired to him; I don't know.