The devastating Jason Verrett injury led to dreadful silence on the 49ers training field.

The 49ers were dealt another letdown with the season-ending injury to vet cornerback Jason Verrett.

After recuperating from an ACL tear, the veteran corner's 2022 season was cut short by a ruptured Achilles on Wednesday during 49ers practice.

The instant Verrett was hurt, according to coach Kyle Shanahan, was the worst he had ever experienced after seeing one of his players fall.

In just the 20 years that I've been teaching, there have been a lot of depressing moments on the field.

It's always upsetting when someone has a season-ending injury, and the cart must arrive.

The frequently injured Verrett has combined to play in only 40 games throughout seven seasons.

His long and severe injury history is yet another heartbreaking setback for a player with so much potential.