According to a UFC legend, Conor McGregor's new 190-pound physique is the result of "bloating."

Conor McGregor's new, bulked-up body has been defended by Chael Sonnen, who claims that the "bloating" results from water retention.

McGregor has been out of commission since last July due to a broken leg, but since starting to train again, he has developed a new 190-pound frame.

As he works to get back in shape, his rematch is anticipated to be postponed until 2023.

Dana White said that McGregor could not fight for at least another six months.

Chael Sonnen, a UFC icon, has, however, denied any wrongdoing and asserts that his weight gain is the result of idleness.

While keeping fans informed about his condition during his recovery, McGregor displayed a...

 new muscular frame and constantly reaffirmed his intention to rejoin the UFC.

McGregor, who bulked up to 190 pounds, has declared that he will instead fight again at 170 pounds, where he defeated Donald Cerrone in 2020.