Dua Lipa Review - Seven-Year-Old Lola Critiques Pop Star's Sydney Show

Dua Lipa performed at Sydney's Qudos Bank Arena on Wednesday, 9th November.

Our seven-year-old music critic Lola Jenkins was there to review.

My father picked me up from the after-school program. I took a bath once we got home, ate supper, and then we realized we were late.

After entering, we purchased a couple of beers before coming through our door. Then, we had to search the area for a seat.

When she began the performance with the song "Physical," the dancers were on the ballet barre, and Dua was dressed in blue jumpsuit-like attire.

Then these crazy guys on roller skates walked by, and the girls quickly changed and went back while they were skating.

The lads were then dressed in comfortable clothes and bright belts. Dua was also decked up with a sparkly swimming suit.

After she played a few songs I wasn't acquainted with, she sang "Be the One," which quickly became my favorite part of the show. At this point, everyone was dancing and standing up.

I'm happy I went to Qudos Bank Arena for KISS instead of Dua Lipa since my stepmother and brother had never been there before, so I'm glad about that.