There are 10 mistakes from “Friends” that you’ve probably missed.

Listed below are some examples of the most flagrant blunders from the TV show “Friends”:

10. Season 2, Episode 7: “The One with the Disappearing Necklace”

Rachel learns that Ross and Julie are planning to get a cat. Rachel doesn’t have a necklace when she first says, “Together?” When the camera cuts back to her, saying, “Both of you?” she is wearing a necklace. Then, when she says, “Isn’t that just lovely? “, it goes away again.

9. Season 8, episode 5, is the one with Monica’s stand-in.

Monica is having a cup of coffee while Phoebe talks to her in the coffee shop. The camera is on Phoebe, and Monica is seen from the side on the right side of the screen. But we don’t see Courteney Cox. Instead, we see a completely different actor.

8. Season 5, episode 17, is the one with Joey’s sudden change.

Joey is counting the floors of Ross’s building to figure out where the pretty girl lives. He is wearing a black zip-up top. He wears a dark purple buttoned shirt when he goes into Ross’s building and knocks on what he thinks is the girl’s front door. But as soon as Ross opens the door, Joey is back in the black top that zips up the front. Maybe you got cold on the way up?

7. Season 9, episode 15, is called “The One with the Mystery Cans.”

Joey goes to the apartment of Monica and Chandler to get a drink for the audition. He has two bottles in his left hand when he shuts the fridge. Later in the scene, when the camera cuts back to him, he is holding two cans in his left hand differently.

6. The one with the gift that wraps itself is the second episode of season 8

Monica is sitting with her wedding gifts in the living room. She opens a big package to find a brown cardboard box inside. When the camera moves back to Monica after showing Joey, the package is wrapped up again. We wish our Christmas gifts could be wrapped that quickly.

5. The one with the clones is the 20th episode of the 10th season.

When Phoebe says they are on their honeymoon, some extras can be seen behind Ross and Phoebe at JFK Airport. When the camera cuts to Rachel looking for her boarding pass at Newark Airport, those same people are also there. Bandana lady, we know who you are.

4. The one with the magic doodle, episode 20 of season 4

Ross goes to Chandler and Joey’s apartment to find out what they are doing in four weeks. The Magna Doodle behind Ross says “poop” first, then nothing. Joey looks at his diary, and then the camera returns to Ross. “Get out” is now written on the Magna Doodle. Spooky….

3. The one with the wrong arm, episode 23 of Season 5

Joey tells Chandler about his twin brother with the same hands and his plans to get rich. When Joey sees how Chandler reacts, he points his left arm at Chandler in a mean way. In the next shot, you can see his right arm pointing.

2. The one with the foam finger—the fourth episode of the first season

Ross can be seen at the hockey game with a foam finger on his hand, which later goes away. Fair enough, he might have just put it down.

1. Season 9, Episode 15: “The one with the Rachel stand-in.”

Lastly, Rachel is wearing a paisley top when she tells Joey that his agent called to say to him he got the audition for the Broadway play. The next shot shows Jennifer Aniston’s stand-in standing next to Joey while wearing a different top.

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