The title of the next Better Call Saul episode is “Breaking Bad.”

Better Call Saul just hinted at the crossover we’ve all been waiting for. The third-to-last episode of the show is called “Breaking Bad,” a name we all know.

AMC has confirmed to AV Club that the next episode of Better Call Saul will be called “The Title,” which hints that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from the original show will show up.

It’s been likely for a long time. After all, Better Call Saul co-creator Peter Gould said that we would finally see the two characters from Breaking Bad in the show’s last season.

“Rather than avoid the question, I’ll just say yes.”

The episode’s summary says, “The partners take their business to new heights.” But is this just a clever way to throw people off track?

Fans have pointed out that Saul Goodman made his first appearance on Breaking Bad in an episode called “Better Call Saul.” If Walt and Jesse show up in the next episode. It would be an excellent, roundabout reference to Saul’s first time on TV.

The next episode, the second-to-last of the whole series, was written. And directed by Vince Gilligan, who also created Breaking Bad. We hope we still have a little more time with our favorite meth dealers.

At the very least, it seems Better Call Saul could catch up with Walt. When Heisenberg’s criminal empire was at its strongest. After seeing Gene as the Cinnabon Manager in black-and-white flashforwards, it’s about time we saw what got him there.

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