The show Breaking Bad will be taken off of Netflix.

Fans all over the world love the hit series, which is one of the most-watched shows of the past 20 years.

But an investigation by The Wrap and What’s On Netflix shows that it won’t be on the streaming service for much longer.

Due to a recent drop in its stock market value, Netflix is reportedly getting ready for more losses from its impressive library of movies and TV shows in the coming years.

For example, in the last few years, the number of titles available to customers in the US has dropped from 11,000 to 6,000.

Breaking Bad is one of the biggest names that will leave the platform.

But if you liked the series and want to try it again, you should have almost enough time.

The Wrap says that if the license isn’t renewed, Jesse and Walter will leave Netflix US on February 10, 2025.

UNILAD has asked Netflix for their opinion.

This comes after the news that the head of AMC wants another Breaking Bad-inspired show.

Dan McDermott said that, after the success of Better Call Saul, he would be very interested in making another show in the same universe.

In an interview with Variety, McDermott said that AMC’s door is “always open” for another spin-off, but it’s up to creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould to make it happen.

He said, “I can tell you that if I could do anything to get Vince and Peter to stay in this universe, I would.

“I think you’d have to ask them, but the door is always open, and I can’t wait for Vince, Peter, or our friends at Sony to call me and say, ‘Hey, I think we have another show set in this universe.'”

If Vince and Peter decide to make a third season, they are in a good position. Because there are many characters from the worlds of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul that fans want to see more of.

Even Rhea Seehorn, who plays Kim on BCS, has hinted that the show’s creators might want to tell more of her character’s story in the future. No matter what happens to her in the show’s last episode.

Last month, the actress told Deadline, “You know, Peter and Vince have said publicly that. Even though they think there are stories worth telling, including mine, they want to take a break from this franchise for a while. So, I can’t say anything else about that.”

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