The New Netflix Film Starring Jamie Foxx Is Compared To John Wick Meets Blade

This summer, Day Shift will be available on Netflix. Jamie Foxx plays Bud Jablonski, a father who cleans pools during the day and hunts vampires at night.

A summary of the movie says that Jamie Foxx plays a hardworking, blue-collar dad who wants to give his brilliant daughter a good life. However, his boring job cleaning pools in the San Fernando Valley is just a front for his natural source of income: hunting and killing vampires as part of an international Union of vampire hunters.

This week, the streaming site put out a teaser with clips from the movie and a look behind the scenes.

But it won’t be visible to us until August 12, and people are already comparing it to two famous action movies.

It’s not hard to understand why.

In Blade, Wesley Snipes’s character hunts down a whole army of evil bloodsuckers. Each of which has a pretty sticky end.

While the comparisons to the Keanu Reeves trilogy are probably because J.J. Perry is in charge of making it.

Perry worked on the first two John Wick movies. Before that, he was known for his work as a stuntman.

Foxx said the new movie would be exciting when he talked about it.

“We’re making something you’ve never seen before,” he said. It’s fun, and the things you see are excellent and helpful.

“J.J.’s use of all of his stuntmen and women is brilliant, so I can’t wait for everyone to see this.”

But even though Blade is still a classic of its genre. Some people have wondered why it was rated 18 at the time.

Adam Barnhardt, who writes for ComicBook, recently showed a few clips from the Blade movies and talked about how much more used people are to seeing violence on screen since 1998.

In the clips, Blade stabs a vampire in the heart, killing it and making it crumble to dust. In another, he cuts off another vampire’s head, sending blood all over the screen.

It was rated “R” in the U.S. and “18” in the U.K. when it first came out.

In 1998, children weren’t allowed to watch movies. However, Barnhardt points out that if most of the violence is taken out. The film isn’t much worse than most Marvel movies today.

He said that violence that used to get an R rating is now “entirely PG-13 by today’s standards,” which is hard to argue.

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