Season 6 Episode 12 Better Call Saul Title Hint Kim’s Return

Season 6 Episode 12 Better Call Saul Title “Waterworks” hints that Kim Wexler will be back in the show’s second-to-last episode. Better Call Saul finally answered the question, “Where is Kim during Breaking Bad?” after five and a half seasons. In the sixth season, episode 9, “Fun and Games,” Kim feels terrible about her part in Howard’s death. In the episode’s last few minutes, she decides to give up her law license, leave Jimmy. And leave town, making her husband, Saul Goodman.

The following two episodes of Better Call Saul didn’t show Rhea Seehorn’s character. But episode 11, “Breaking Bad,” was very interesting in the Gene Takavic timeline. During a phone call with Francesca, Gene finds out that after all the Heisenberg news. Kim called his former assistant to see how she was doing and to ask how Jimmy was doing. This makes Gene want to call Kim, who now lives in Florida and works at Palm Coast Sprinklers, to see how she is. Gene and Kim have a heated conversation on the phone, but the traffic noise is meant to make it hard to hear, so fans have to make guesses about what was said.

Now that the title of next week’s Better Call Saul episode is out, it’s clear that Kim will be back. “Waterworks” is the name of season 6, episode 12, according to TV Passport and many other sites. The episode’s summary says, “When a discovery is made, the stakes are raised.”

The episode’s title, “Waterworks,” probably refers to the sprinkler company where Kim works. This is a vital sign that she will be back in the next-to-last episode of Better Call Saul. Maybe the attack will go back a bit and show what Kim has been doing since she left Jimmy, all the way through Breaking Bad. And how she ended up working for a sprinkler service in Florida. Once there, the episode will likely show what Gene and Kim talked about during their tense phone call.

Like the titles of many Better Call Saul episodes, “Waterworks” has more than one meaning since the attack is likely to make viewers feel sad and maybe even cry. Mondays at 9 pm on AMC, you can watch the last two episodes of Better Call Saul. With only two episodes left, Better Call Saul should be able to give Jimmy and Kim a proper ending. However, given the direction of season 6 and the title of episode 12. It’s not likely to be a happy one.

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