Saul Goodman’s World’s Best Lawyer Mug Is Deeper Than You Think

Jimmy McGill’s change into Saul Goodman was shown by Saul’s “World’s Best Lawyer” mug, which is now a sad callback to Breaking Bad.

After six seasons of building up to it, Better Call Saul finally showed how Breaking Bad’s Saul Goodman got to be who he was. The change from Jimmy to Saul Goodman was directed in Better Call Saul Through small moments and details, like the fact that Saul’s “World’s Best Lawyer” mug from “Breaking Bad” shows up in “Season 6, Episode 9,” we can tell that this is the case. In Better Call Saul, Jimmy McGill is no more than Saul Goodman is now, and Saul’s “World’s Best Lawyer” mug is a great way to show how quickly and tragically things have changed.

Since Better Call Saul began, people have looked forward to seeing Jimmy turn into Saul Goodman. However, season 6 of Better Call Saul changed how and when people thought that would happen. Better Call Saul didn’t follow the usual prequel pattern of going through a list of things that would shift Jimmy into Breaking Bad’s Saul, like getting a new car and redecorating Saul Goodman’s office. Instead, it made the change much more abrupt. Right after Kim left Jimmy at the end of Better Call Saul season 6, episode 9, there was a big jump in time. From then on, Bob Odenkirk’s character was no longer Jimmy McGill but only Saul Goodman.

In the sixth season’s ninth episode, “Fun and Games,” Saul’s World’s Best Lawyer mug sits on his table. Better Call Saul gave that mug a new meaning when it appeared in Breaking Bad. Kim offers Jimmy a “World’s Second Best Lawyer” mug when he starts at Davis & Main. Jimmy valued the gift and tried to keep it. Jimmy always had the face with him, even when circumstances were terrible, like when he trekked through the desert with Mike in season 5. Jimmy’s profile has changed since Better Call Saul’s time leap. Kim’s leaving traumatized Saul Goodman, as seen by his difference from Jimmy. Buying new stuff and adopting new habits make sense for the character to free himself of his old existence.

Saul’s mug that says “World’s Best Lawyer” sets up “Breaking Bad.”

The Breaking Bad character Saul Goodman seems to be Jimmy’s way of dealing with things. And the World’s Best Lawyer mug shows this. Jimmy has lost everything and everyone he cares about, including Kim. This leaves Saul Goodman with only the Sandpiper money and the role of a showman lawyer. In the Breaking Bad timeline, Saul seems to be constantly working. Because he takes calls even when he’s in the shower. The World’s Best Lawyer mug shows this obsession with work, which Saul probably bought for himself. If that’s true, then Saul’s mug is also a reference. Whether it was meant to be or not, to Michael Scott from The Office. A role that Bob Odenkirk almost played.

What looked like a fun little prop in Breaking Bad turned out to be a sad reminder. How Jimmy became Saul Goodman in Better Call Saul season 6. It’s hard to say if Jimmy knows he’s putting on a show for himself and others. That’s true for the World’s Best Lawyer mug, and it’s also true for Saul Goodman as a whole.

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