Netflix Brings Back Colin Farrell’s Funniest Movie

The streaming giant announced on June 1 that it was bringing back a bunch of old content, such as the 2012 horror film The Woman in Black, the LGBTQ+ comedy-drama Pride Netflix, and the animated favourite Paddington 2.

But one movie was better than the others. It was one of Colin Farrell’s funniest movies to date.

The crime drama In Bruges is about a young hitman named Ray (Farrell) and his mentor, Ken (Brendan Gleeson), who are sent to Bruges, Belgium, to cool off after a failed hit.

Things aren’t quite that simple, though. Ken likes how peaceful the medieval city is, but Ray, who hates the place, doesn’t feel the same.

The movie’s synopsis says, “Guilty after a job gone wrong, hitman Ray and his partner are in Bruges, Belgium, waiting for orders from their cruel boss. This is the last place Ray wants to be in the world.”

“When Ray meets Chloe, who is part of a film crew making a movie with an American dwarf named Jimmy, things change for him.”

In Bruges came out in 2008 and got pretty good reviews. It now has an 84 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer, with many praising its witty dialogue and ability to mix dark comedy and thriller elements.

In her review for VultureHound, Kelechi Ehenulo said, “For McDonagh to stylishly combine the great group of actors and actresses, the beautiful city as an unexplored but subverted adventure, cement In Bruges’ cult-like status as an underrated gem of modern cinema.”

In The Spectator, Deborah Ross said, “In Bruges has some cracking lines, Brendan Gleeson did a great job as Ken, and there were some hilarious, thought-provoking jokes.”

Gold Derby has even been called the hidden gem Farrell’s best movie to date, with The Lobster (2016) and Widows (2018) coming in second and third, respectively.

What a movie! Fans are happy that the movie is back on the streaming service. One viewer wrote: “In Bruges.

“Purgatory is the one in the middle. Where you weren’t terrible but also weren’t all that good. Like Tottenham.'”

“Funny enough, I watched it last night. Terrific movie, “said someone else.

Now, you can watch “In Bruges” on Netflix.