Ms. Marvel is now the Marvel project with the highest rating of all time.

No one expected “Ms. Marvel” to go against the odds the way it has in the past two months. The highly rated Disney+ show reportedly got a lot of bad reviews on IMDb after its premiere on June 8. Most of the reviews on the site were written by men over 30.

People said the show is “too woke” and “cringe” because it has a lot of different topics. The main character, Iman Vellani, is a 16-year-old Pakistani-American girl who is having trouble with her identity and fitting in at school and the whole superhero thing. In an interview with Muslim Girl in June 2022, co-creator and executive producer Sana Amanat said, “Her whole journey in the show is to accept herself and go against all the expectations and labels that have been put on her.” “Realizing that you can marry all these fifty million things that make Kamala Kamala,” Amanat said.

But not everyone was ready to go on this teen girl’s journey to find herself, which led to adverse audience reactions and “review bombing.” Amanat told N.B.C. News in July 2022, “I think it comes from anger and the feeling that their identity is under attack.” “It’s fine if [viewers] can’t relate to it. I wish they wouldn’t try to stop it.”

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Even though “Ms. Marvel” has been criticized and made fun of unfairly, it has done something on Rotten Tomatoes that no other MCU project has ever done, not even “Avengers: Endgame” or “Black Panther,” two of Marvel’s most popular movies.

Ms. Marvel is now the Marvel project with the highest rating of all time.

With a final Tomatometer score of 98 percent, “Ms. Marvel” has become Marvel’s highest-rated T.V. show or movie, according to Rotten Tomatoes. On July 13, the sixth and last episode of the show’s first season aired. At this point, every episode of the show has gotten a score of at least 92 percent.

Iman Vellani told N.M.E. on July 7 that this show is for people who like Marvel. “If you’re a true Marvel fan. And if any of those review bombers think they’re Marvel fans, this show is also for them. We wanted Ms. Marvel to be a love letter to Marvel fans.” Vellani said this about the review bomb haters: “I think a lot of people are afraid of change.

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Many people are scared by a show about a 16-year-old Pakistani Muslim girl who is also a superhero. They did indeed fall in love. I think this will rip off the Band-Aid, and hopefully, people will fall in love with her.”

Before “Ms. Marvel” came out, Marvel’s “Black Panther” and “Agents of S.H. I.E.L.D.” were the two highest-rated. MCU projects on Rotten Tomatoes, with scores of 96% and 95%, respectively. With a score of 97 percent on the Tomatometer, “Ms. Marvel” quickly moved ahead of the other two shows and into first place. It only took one episode (via Axios). The final score of 98 percent comes from all six episodes.

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