Lisa Kudrow’s son’s reaction to Friends almost made her cry.

Lisa Kudrow talks about how her son reacted to Friends for the first time. She says that his reaction almost made her cry.

Lisa Kudrow said how her son reacted to Friends almost made her cry.

In an interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Lisa Kudrow said that her son called her during the COVID-19 lockdown to tell her that he had recently watched the first two episodes of her critically acclaimed sitcom. “It’s perfect, Mom,” he told her, according to Kudrow. He was wondering if he could ask her about her time on the show, which made the actor very happy. Kudrow said that the conversation almost made her cry because she thought no one in her family liked the show.

Meyers asked Kudrow how her son felt about Friends before he was an adult. “We were done when he was 5,” Kudrow said. “He did start watching when his school friends did because you have to know what everyone else is watching. So he watched it, and it made an impression on him.” The actor’s son told her that the show was “hilarious,” especially the parts with the guys (Ross, Chandler, and Joey). He told her afterwards that she was funny, too.

In 2021, Kudrow and her Friends co-stars, including Courteney Cox of Scream 6, put out a reunion special where they watched and talked about behind-the-scenes footage. Lady Gaga showed up to sing her version of Phoebe’s (Kudrow) famous song “Smelly Cat,” sung by guest stars on the show. Critics liked the special because they said it gave fans of the show a night of comfort. The sitcom’s cast talked about some of the show’s most important moments. Also, HBO Max had five extra scenes from Friends: The Reunion that wasn’t in the final version.

After Friends ended in 2004, Kudrow helped make and star in the HBO show The Comeback. The Comeback is a satirical comedy about the entertainment TV industry. It is set up as a reality show made from found footage. There was only one season of the show 2005, but it would come back nine years later in 2014. The actor has said that the show could return for a third season, but there has been no official word about when the show will be back.

Kudrow also played in Web Therapy and an online improv show later picked up by Showtime. The actor used his therapy skills to play Honey on HouseBroken, an animated sitcom about a dog with human traits who uses group therapy to help the other animals in her neighborhood deal with their problems. The show came out on May 31, 2021. It ran for four seasons before, In August of 2021.

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