Johnny Depp’s Funny Reaction When A Witness Asks If Marlon Brando Is Dead?

The trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues in Fairfax, Virginia . Psychiatrist David Spiegel , called as an expert by Amber Heard to explain how, The fact that Depp used the headset on set was a sign of decline or impairment caused by drug use and Alcohol.

If I were to give a lesson and they had to suggest my lines, I would think there is a cognitive deficit “- He explained

He said he thought the use of Headset was ” unusual “, but admitted, “I don’t know what the standard is for Hollywood.” 

When Depp’s attorney Wayne Dennison asked if Spiegel had made a ‘ mistake ‘, he replied:

I don’t think actors are routinely reading their entire script through earphones. I find it hard to believe. 

The lawyer then retorted stating that there was no evidence to prove it, asking: “Do you know that Marlon Brando used a headset?” to which the Psychiatrist asked, Isn’t he Dead?

The psychiatrist’s response, however, left everyone stunned, leading Johnny Depp himself to put a hand in front of the visa to cover himself from embarrassment.

Hearing the giggles in the courtroom, Spiegel added: ” So the answer is no, don’t use one now .  “

Depp’s lawyer then clarified: “No … I used the past”. 

Apologizing, Spiegel continued:

Again, I don’t know anything – I admit I don’t know anything about acting. I’ll give you 100 percent. If this is the standard and people do this then I apologize and this was wrong of me.