Jennifer Aniston does not believe Amber Heard?

It appeared that Johnny Depp‘s career had ended after he was unsuccessful in his famous lawsuit against a British newspaper alleging that the tabloid had published false allegations that he had beaten his wife.

Amber Heard also made an appearance in court in the United Kingdom. She recorded testimony to ensure that Johnny Depp was unsuccessful in his attempt to win the case against the publisher.

After the allegations of domestic violence against Depp, Hollywood celebrities began to shun him, and he began to see a decline in his employment.

Following his victory in the defamation case brought by his ex-wife, the actor is presently riding a wave of popularity in the industry.

The number of persons that are his followers on social media. Social media has expanded dramatically, and it would appear that some famous people have had faith in him all along. Jennifer Aniston, who plays Rachel Green in the NBC sitcom “Friends,” was one of those people and was one of the first to follow him on Instagram immediately after he prevailed in his lawsuit against Amber Heard.

Because she is not following Amber Heard on the app that Facebook controls, it would appear that the actress decided to follow the actor based on the verdict of the court case.