In the movie “Black Widow,” Elizabeth Olsen says she likes Scarlett Johansson.

A lawsuit that Scarlett Johansson filed against Disney regarding a disagreement regarding the theatrical release of her film “Black Widow” made headlines a few weeks ago. The case was filed because of a dispute regarding the film’s distribution in theatres. As soon as Scarlett’s lawsuit was filed, Disney slammed her because of the pandemic. She was apparently “insensitive” in saying she should be ashamed of herself. This happened not long after the lawsuit was submitted to the court.

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It appears that Scarlett has discovered some comfort in the company of her longtime friend Elizabeth Olsen. According to rumors, Elizabeth was quoted in Vanity Fair saying, “According to reports in The Variety.

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“I have a strong impression that she is very resilient, and when I read that, ‘Good for you,’ was the first thought that came to mind, Scarlett!’ When it comes to actors and their salaries, I can only say that it all depends on the contracts they sign. Because of this, it is either included in the agreement, or it isn’t included in the contract. That’s all I can say about it.

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