In Better Call Saul, Jimmy and Kim destroyed everything they touched.

Better Call Saul shows Jimmy and Kim’s falsehoods destroying several lives and some less tangible things.

Better Call Saul protagonists, Jimmy McGill (later Saul Goodman) and Kim Wexler leave a trail of wrecked lives and institutions behind them. In Better Call Saul season 6, it’s evident that while Jimmy may never be a blunt instrument of violence, his desire to humiliate and emotionally control those who have wronged him may be just as deadly as the deeds of the crime lords around him. Kim appears to be a beneficial influence, but her scheming makes her possibly more dangerous.

Chuck McGill

The death of Chuck McGill is one of the earliest evidence of Jimmy and Kim’s destructiveness. Much of the first three seasons are defined by the friction between Jimmy and his brother Chuck, with Chuck looking down on Jimmy’s tactics, and Jimmy angered by his lack of respect. This leads to Jimmy harming Chuck’s law profession by manipulating paperwork to make Chuck appear forgetful and inept. Everything climaxes at a legal hearing regarding Jimmy’s reinstatement as a lawyer when Jimmy baits Chuck into disclosing that his so-called sensitivity to electricity was a psychological illness.


Jimmy and Kim bore partial guilt for Nacho Varga’s death. Jimmy attempts to get Nacho out of jail early in the series, enabling his plunge into the underworld. Kim helps smooth over Jimmy’s connection with Lalo. Jimmy and Kim stand in the way of any attempt to undermine or restrain the cartels via the judicial system, almost ensuring that there would be disagreements in the crime world that end in bloodsheds, like Nacho’s death or Lalo’s numerous cold-blooded killings. While Nacho made his own decisions while Kim and Jimmy were often compelled to work for cartels, they were still part of the more extensive underworld system that swallowed Nacho and others.

Howard Hamlin

Better Call Saul’s Howard Hamlin, maybe Jimmy and Kim’s most innocent and sad victim. Chuck and Nacho contributed to their doom, but Howard was arrogant and obnoxious. Jimmy takes his anger towards Howard to an extreme, framing him by hiding drugs in his locker, associating him with sex workers, and weakening his court proceedings. Kim is an active member of this system, taking the lead occasionally. When Howard confronts Jimmy and Kim over their campaign against him, he is slain by Lalo. Howard is buried next under the superlab in a gray finish character.

Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill

Kim and Jimmy’s conduct toward Chuck and Howard lead to the HHM law firm’s demise. Without Hamlin or McGill, the firm must rebrand and shrink. This implies scores of individuals undoubtedly lost their employment due to Kim and Jimmy’s conduct, and a legal organization that did pro-bono work was damaged.

The Sandpiper Lawsuit

The class-action lawsuit against Sandpiper Crossing is one of the most extended narrative lines. Better Call Saul that best demonstrates Jim and Kimmy’s moral degeneration over time. Jimmy finds that the Sandpiper retirement home is taken from its inhabitants and helps represent the elderly in a lawsuit. He and Kim subsequently get frustrated waiting for the litigation to resolve and undermine Howard to force an earlier settlement. Kim Wexler shows her ruthlessness by developing a scheme that would result in the Sandpiper victims obtaining less compensation for her. And Jimmy’s short-term benefit and the pleasure of shaming Howard.

Each Other

Kim and Jimmy’s list of victims wouldn’t be complete without each other. At the outset of their relationship, Jimmy is an unorthodox but idealistic attorney. And Kim is on course to be a high-powered lawyer. In conclusion, Kim has given up her law license. And distanced herself from most of the legal system. While Jimmy has become the amoral Saul, concerned only with his career. All their plots and vendettas have lost any sense of battling for society’s detriment. Whatever Kim Wexler’s destiny, Saul becomes Gene, living a sad life without friends or loved ones.

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