Here’s what happened when Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul crossed over.

Here are the spoilers! After last week’s episode of Better Call Saul, the prequel series finally caught up to what was going on in Breaking Bad. This means that the two shows have now crossed over significantly. “Better Call Saul” was the name of an episode of Breaking Bad. Now, “Breaking Bad” is the name of an episode of Better Call Saul, and Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are back as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. Look at the episode below and figure out what it all means.

The most exciting thing about this episode of Better Call Saul is how different it is from the attack of Breaking Bad, where Bob Odenkirk’s lawyer character was first seen. Even though most of the attack occurred when Saul was living as Gene in Omaha in black and white, some scenes during Breaking Bad fill in the gaps of Saul’s first episode. Breaking Bad spell 2.08 starts with a lot of action. And we see Saul’s trip to the desert with Walt and Jesse. This is the same episode that gave us our first look at the character in the world and gave Lalo Salamanca its start in 2009.

An extended scene with Saul, Walt, and Jesse inside the Crystal Ship. The two tell Goodman about their business, and Goodman tells them about attorney-client privilege. There are a few funny references to the bigger story of Breaking Bad in the scene, like how Walt will flood the RV’s engine in the next episode.

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In another scene, about halfway through the episode, we see a flashback to the events of Breaking Bad. Mike goes into Saul’s office and tells him everything he knows about Walt and Jesse. Including that Walt teaches chemistry at a high school and has lung cancer. When Saul asks Mike what Gus thought of the two. Mike says that he doesn’t even know about them because they’re too small.

As the episode closes, Better Call Saul starts switching between Saul in Omaha and Saul in Albuquerque. In the Gene timeline, he is part of a plan with Jeff. And his partner to rip off single men with a lot of money. They find a possible victim who has cancer, just like Walt. When Saul from Breaking Bad thinks about working with the meth dealer with cancer, we see a moment of humanity. When Saul from Omaha plans to steal the identity of a guy. He doesn’t care at all that the guy has cancer.

Saul goes to J. P. Wynne High School at the end of the episode, which is a great way to end his first episode in Breaking Bad. Fans may remember that at the end of that episode. Saul went into Walt’s classroom and told him that he had found him with the help of his Private Eye. He then offered his services to Heisenberg. Since Vince Gilligan will write and direct the next episode, we think Walt and Jesse will be back.

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