Friends’ Darkest Fan Theory Is So ‘Terrible’ that Even the show’s Creators Hates it

Every show has some fan theories that either doesn’t make sense or aren’t true. Many of these theories are darker than the show itself. One of the most well-known American comedies ever is about six friends living in New York City in their twenties. Its tone is often happy. What happens in the story makes it perfect, and Friends is no exception.

Some people would have liked this show to be more realistic, leading to many darker fan theories. There are a lot of dark ideas, but the darkest one is about Phoebe, the outcast of the group.

The theory started with a tweet from 2015 in which a user wrote about how they thought the series should have ended. In their version, the whole show turned out to be a dream that Phoebe made up, who has been homeless since her adoptive mother killed herself. This means that Phoebe’s singing gigs, job as a masseuse, and twin sister aren’t real. She also doesn’t know any of the Friends because she’s been watching them through the window of the coffee shop the whole time. In contrast, the rest of the group doesn’t know her and even calls her a “wacky woman.”

Even if the theory is sad, it made its way around the Internet and became strangely popular with fans. It even made its way back to Marta Kauffman, who helped make Friends, and she had some strong words for it. ET asked her what she thought about the theory at the 2017 ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas.

What a sad thing to say!” She told me. “No, I’ve never heard that. That’s a bad idea.” I’m fascinated. I think someone should get a life. All I’m saying is that someone needs to get a life.”

Fan theories are fun, but they don’t always make sense. Too far, even for the people who made them. This one, in particular, comes from cynicism on the part of fans. In this case, some people can’t imagine a group of upper-middle-class friends hanging out with Phoebe. They don’t think the other characters will like her or that she will be able to fit in and will be able to get back on her feet after her mother’s suicide, especially since she has been living on the streets.

Even though Phoebe is usually happy, she has been through real tragedy. She lost her adoptive mother and was homeless for a while. Even though her grandmother gives her a place to live, which is how she stays, Fans have gotten into the habit of over-analyzing every scene with her to try to, Even though the co-author is not in the room, prove this cynical fantasy in favor of it.

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