Friends’ best supporting characters appeared less than you think.

The 1990s saw a slew of sitcoms that became TV classics. But one still recognized as one of the best TV series ever (and has a devoted audience) is Friends. They played for 10 seasons from 1994 to 2004. Friends left the audience with a slew of unforgettable sequences, quips, and characters. Still, its most acceptable supporting characters had less screen time than many believed. Demonstrating that they didn’t need to be prominent to make an indelible impression on the program.

Friends, set in New York City, chronicled the lives of six young people doing their best every day to balance their social, and emotional. And professional lives while also coping with all that life threw at them. All with a sense of humour. Throughout ten seasons, viewers got to know Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey, Rachel, and Ross well. They followed them through many ups and downs in their lives. They met various supporting characters, many of whom became fan favourites, such as Chandler’s ex-girlfriend Janice (Maggie Wheeler) and Phoebe’s husband, Mike Hannigan (Paul Rudd).

Some of the Friends’ most popular supporting characters greatly influenced the main characters’ lives and, in some cases, pushed their arcs forward. Still, to the audience’s surprise, Friends’ best-supporting characters didn’t have that large a presence in the show, and they were in less than 10% of it.

Why are the supporting characters in Friends so memorable? (Despite Little Screentime)

Friends has a total of 236 episodes, yet its most popular supporting characters such as Ross and Monica’s father, Jack Geller (22 episodes), Janice (19 episodes), Mike (17 episodes), and Monica’s ex-boyfriend Richard Burke, appeared in fewer than 30 episodes (10 episodes). Despite this, all of these characters were highly famous, and their absence in much of the series isn’t honestly noticed because of their contributions to the central characters’ tales, unusual situations, distinct appeal, and, in some cases, iconic catchphrases, such as Janice.

Mike also provided Phoebe with something she had never had before: a loving, stable home and family, and his sense of humor was an excellent match for hers. Lastly, Richard changed things up in Friends by dating Monica. Several years younger than him, and their breakup devastated her. Richard’s final visit to Friends created tension when he attempted to rekindle his relationship with Monica just as Chandler was ready to propose to her, but she eventually picked Chandler.

Friends’ best supporting characters didn’t require much screen time to win over the audience. Because they all had a distinct sense of humor and comedic style that made it easy for them to connect with the audience. And they all contributed to the main characters’ stories in different but crucial ways.

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