Friends: 10 things that only true fans of the show know

Friends is one of the most-watched comedies on TV. But only the most dedicated fans know these facts about the show.

Friends isn’t a perfect show, and its cultural impact is constantly re-evaluated. Co-creator Marta Kauffman recently admitted that the show has problems with diversity, but its characters, charm, and humour have won it many loyal fans over the years.

Friends Almost Had A Very Different Title

Friends were first based on the idea that young people don’t know what the future holds, so it almost had a very different name than its simple, memorable one. The show’s creators, Marta Kauffman and David Crane told NBC News that in their original 7-page pitch, they called it “Insomnia Street.”

The first character to be cast was Ross Geller.

Ross is one of the funniest characters on Friends, thanks to his unique personality and the fact that David Schwimmer is the perfect actor to play him. It’s hard to imagine anyone else as Ross Geller besides Schwimmer, and it looks like the show’s creators agreed.

Courteney Cox was thought to be to play Rachel at first.

People always argue about the best friend on Friends, but when Courteney Cox auditioned for the show, it seemed like she already had a favorite. The show’s producers thought her happy, upbeat energy would be better for Rachel, but she always wanted to play Monica.

When he was cast in Friends, Matt LeBlanc had only $11.

Even though it’s well-known that many of the cast members were struggling actors before Friends, not as many people know how bad it was for Matt LeBlanc. Today the actor reported that he said in an interview that he had only $11 when he was chosen for the role of Joey and didn’t have another job before he got the call.

The immense love story on the show was supposed to be between Joey and Monica.

Friends fans might not agree that Ross and Rachel were the best couples. But there’s no denying that their relationship led to many of the show’s most memorable plots. They didn’t realize how beneficial this relationship was until the show’s pilot saw that the two could work well together.

The format for naming episodes wasn’t supposed to be known by viewers.

“The One…,” used to name almost every episode of Friends, has become a part of the show as Central Perk and “I’ll Be There For You” by The Rembrandts, but this wasn’t something the producers did on purpose. The only reason it became the standard way to name the show was that it wouldn’t show the title at the beginning.

The Friends episode called “Blackout” was a crossover.

Even though it wasn’t the plan initially, the reason why Friends’ famous blackout episode happened is now a secret only original viewers know. The blackout made the whole episode feel different than usual. It led to some memorable moments, like Chandler’s “Gum would be perfect” line. And the first appearances of some fan-favorite characters.

One Friends episode was filmed in London, but never in New York.

Friends are known for being set in New York, but aside from a few shots of buildings. Most of it was on a set at Warner Bros. Studios in California. During the show’s entire run, they never shot on location in New York. And producer Kevin Bright told USA Today that the show was always missing something without its famous studio audience.

The Friends brand is still very profitable.

Some crazy numbers about Friends show how big the show’s success was. Like the rumors that the show’s stars were getting $1 million for each episode in the later seasons. Even more surprising is that the franchise still made much money before last year’s high-profile reunion.

A lot of people learn English with the help of friends.

People have said that the show has helped people learn English because it is a worldwide phenomenon. And very popular even in places where English is not the primary language. Even famous people from the world of entertainment are on this list.

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