Friends: 10 Plot Holes That Aren’t Plot Holes

The most popular TV show “Friends” of all the 1990s is not the only long-running show that didn’t always get the next episode right. Fans of the show have pointed out many things about the group that doesn’t make sense over time.

1. Monica’s Residence

Matt-LeBlanc-Courteney-Cox-Matthew-Perry-Lisa-Kudrow-as-Joey-Monica-Chandler-Phoebe-in-Friends-Monicas-Apartment.jpg (740×370)

A casual viewer of Friends would probably roll their eyes at the thought of a person in their late teens to thirties can afford a lovely, big apartment like the one Monica Gellar lives in during the series. Nonetheless, “The One With the Flashback” and “The One With the Ballroom Dancing” discuss this circumstance several times, even though it seems impossible.

2. The Duck and the Chick

Lisa-Kudrow-as-Phoebe-in-Friends-The-Chick-And-The-Duck.jpg (740×370)

The names of Chandler and Joey’s adorable pets were the chick and the duck. After the sixth season, the two birds were no longer shown on the show.

3. Rachel and Chandler

Matthew-Perry-Jennifer-Aniston-David-Schwimmer-Courteney-Cox-as-Chandler-Rachel-Ross-Monica-in-Friends-Chandler-And-Rachel.jpg (740×370)

The repeated first-time meetings between Chandler Bing and Rachel Green may appear to Friends fans as the ultimate mystery, but it is not the massive plot hole it initially seems to be. The show’s creator, Kevin Bright, explains in the commentary that this is not a mistake but rather a reflection of Chandler and Rachel’s changing physical appearance.

4. The Sofa

Matthew-Perry-Jennifer-Aniston-David-Schwimmer-Courteney-Cox-as-Chandler-Rachel-Ross-Monica-in-Friends-The-Couch.jpg (740×370)

What odds would someone always get their preferred coffee shop table? Fans have criticized the plausibility of this plot hole, citing the popularity of Central Perk and the improbability that a comfortable couch and coffee table would remain open nearly every time the friends visited the shop.

5. Phoebe’s Quarters

Jennifer-Aniston-Lisa-Kudrow-as-Rachel-Phoebe-in-Friends-Phoebes-Apartment.jpg (740×370)

Phoebe Buffay, like her friend Monica, resides in the same apartment throughout the series. So how did Phoebe afford her New York apartment that appeared so cozy? It is known that Phoebe is a masseuse whose work is inconsistent; therefore, how was she able to afford her apartment?

6. The Very Best She’d Ever.

Jennifer-Aniston-Courteney-Cox-as-Rachel-Monica-in-Friends-The-Best-She-Ever-Had.jpg (740×370)

It’s a joke that keeps coming up in the series that Chandler and Joey are sexual opposites. Joey is supposed to be the seductive one who is good in bed and attracts all the women, whereas Chandler is supposed to be the humorous one who is wholly awkward and clueless about what women desire. Rachel brings up a comment Monica made about her secret boyfriend being the best sex she’s ever had when he secretly begins dating Monica.

7. Sensitivity of Ross

Freddie-Prinze-Jr.-David-Schwimmer-as-Sandy-Ross-in-Friends-Rosss-Sensitivity-.jpg (740×370)

In the ninth-season episode titled “The One with the Male Nanny,” Ross’s behavior toward Sandy is awful, and he ultimately pushes to have him fired as Emma’s nanny because he finds Sandy to be too sensitive and not manly. There appears to be an explanation for Ross’s behavior, even though he was frequently ridiculed for being sensitive and not overly macho.

8. Jr. Frank

Giovanni-Ribisi-Lisa-Kudrow-as-Frank-jr.-Phoebe-in-Friends-Frank-Jr.jpg (740×370)

Some Friends fans consider the early appearance of Frank Jr. (then credited as Condom Boy) to be an inconsistency. However, the early formation of Frank Jr. In the second season episode “The One with the Baby on the Bus,” Giovanni Ribisi makes his first appearance to retrieve the condom he dropped in Phoebe’s guitar case.

9. Denise

Lisa-Kudrow-as-Phoebe-in-Friends-Denise.jpg (740×370)

In the sixth-season episode titled “The One with Ross’ Denial,” Phoebe reveals that she has a roommate named Denise, whom no one has ever heard of, despite Phoebe’s insistence that she talks about Denise constantly. Many fans have even questioned her authenticity. While it may appear to be sloppy writing that this alleged roommate is never mentioned, several theories explain the phenomenon existence of Denise.

10. Joey

Matt-LeBlanc-as-Joey-in-Friends-Joey.jpg (740×370)

As with most Friends characters, Joey Tribbiani did not appear to have a happily-ever-after with a special someone. Throughout the series, the goofy actor never seemed to have trouble finding a romantic partner. In later seasons, he appeared to become serious about wanting something more than casual dating. So why was his conclusion so uncertain?