Friends: 10 Memes That Describe Rachel’s Character Perfectly

Jennifer Aniston, a famous actress from all over the world, recently sat down with Sebastian Stan for an Actors on Actors episode to talk about, among other things, her favourite coming-of-age show, Friends. She said some interesting things about the popular sitcom. For example, she noted that very successful movie actors with minor roles in the show were afraid of being in front of a live audience.

10. I’m scared of turning 30

In season 7, the episode “The One Where They All Turn Thirty” was about Rachel’s 30th birthday. It also showed funny flashbacks of her friends’ 30th birthday parties.

9. The Beauty Fanatic

In the episode “The One with the Morning After,” Monica and Phoebe tried waxing their legs, but Rachel wasn’t in the story. Fans of Friends wish the show had paid a little more attention to how Rachel kept her skin and hair healthy and the lessons she taught about life. She took great care of her skin, hair, and nails and always wore stylish clothes and shoes.

8. Choosing the wrong things

Early in the show, Rachel’s bad choices and bad decisions were caused by several things. She was before she moved to New York City had never lived alone, worked toward her goals, or even had dreams. Like her mother, Sandra, she was supposed to marry a rich man. Rachel knew she wanted more than the title of “trophy wife,” so she chose her freedom and never looked back. People think she has the best character arc on Friends because she decided not to marry Barry.

7. Taking things one step at a time

Rachel finds out that Ross cheated on her with the woman from the copy store in “The One With the Morning After.” It leads to a fight that gets worse and worse until morning.

6. Making Mistakes And Learning

Rachel didn’t change all at once; it took time. She did an excellent job of showing how many real-life Rachels teach others essential lessons from their mistakes.

5. Her look of confusion was priceless.

In the double episode “The One in Vegas” from season 5, Ross and Rachel get drunk and then marry each other in Las Vegas. In season 6, the marriage ends, but not before some unforgettable moments.

4. Her Inner Child

One thing that makes Rachel Green such a memorable character is that she can make the cutest faces, like the one in this meme. She blows a raspberry at Ross when she’s mad at him but doesn’t want to say anything wrong to his face.

3. Rachel Was Out of It

If Chandler could sleep with his eyes open, this meme shows that Rachel could easily zone out during boring conversations. Ross was her boyfriend and best friend, so she had to listen to his “boring” museum stories.

2. The Art of Getting Out of It

This meme is even funnier than Rachel’s memes from Friends that are too funny to describe. First, it’s a great way to describe Rachel’s personality because it shows that she always got herself out of situations she didn’t like. Say she ran away from her wedding and chose to live on her own in New York, despite a lot of pressure from her family.

1. Pregnant Rachel

This meme sums up Rachel’s early pregnancy mood and shows her wearing one of the show’s most comfortable outfits. Even though she was uncomfortable during her last trimester. She could deal with things well because she had her best friends.

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