Friends: 10 Jokes that Would Not Work on TV Today

Friends became popular again when it was available on Netflix. When rewatched, many old shows appear antiquated. While no medium is flawless, some jokes are no longer acceptable.

People rewatching and devouring the series have discovered many jokes that were humorous at the time are now cringeworthy or unpleasant. Here are 10 Jokes that Would Not Work on TV Today

Chandler and Joey are disgusted by breast milk.

Chandler and Joey were attracted to women. The way they talked about women was objectifying, which is natural.


Anyone who’s seen more than several episodes knows Monica was obese in her adolescence. Ross laughs about her weight, stating, “Monica and I were housemates. Not eating quickly means not eating. ”


This sitcom has antiquated dating and gender roles. Chandler and Joey are rude to women and make body jokes. Chandler and Joey often impersonate other individuals to seduce women, which is assault.


Chandler’s transgender father is a significant source of transphobia on Friends. Marta Kauffman, the show’s creator, has acknowledged that Chandler’s father was transsexual.

Ross won’t let Ben play with dolls.

The Internet hates Ross, and it’s easy to understand why. He was often a horrible friend, partner, and father.

Ross has a male nanny.

Ross is old-fashioned in his beliefs about gender. When Rachel hires a male babysitter for Emma, Ross is confused.

So many generalizations

In Friends, gender stereotypes abound. First, Monica and Chandler’s relationship reflects gender stereotypes since Chandler. And the other guys are constantly depicted watching TV and rarely cooking or cleaning.

Who are Carol & Susan?

Another time Friends used homophobic jokes to elicit laughs. The show portrayed a wedding between two women, although the LGBTQA+ characters were generally jokes.

Ages differ in many relationships.

In the show, characters often date older or younger individuals. Monica dates Richard despite his being her eye doctor as a child.

Chandler was worried about becoming gay.

A recurrent joke on the show suggests Chandler is gay. The joke makes being homosexual sound awful. He worries about it a lot.

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