Friends: 10 Biggest Fears Of Chandler Bing’s

Chandler Bing’s fears show how complicated he is in Friends, from making a promise to facing the anger of his friends.

News Monkey says that Friends director James Burrows recently talked about the advice he gave to the cast, including Matthew Perry, whose character Chandler Bing is considered the show’s breakout. Fans liked Chandler’s quirks and habits, and his tendency to freak out over different things has also stood out in the series.

Chandler is best known for his sarcasm, but it’s interesting to learn more about him by looking at his fears. The character’s fears include having to commit to a woman and the chance of losing Monica. Fans will realize how complicated he is after learning about these things.

10. To be put in the hot seat.

Many Friends fans think Chandler is like a walking meme because so many of his actions lead to funny pratfalls. Most of the time, Chandler is afraid of being put on the spot, which makes him start talking and dig a deeper hole.

9. For his loved ones to disagree with him

Chandler doesn’t want to remember his parents’ breakup, which significantly affected his life and made him feel insecure. Since he thought of his friends as his new family, he feared that he would have to watch them destroy their relationships and social group.

8. To Be Around A Dog

Friends are one of the few shows that could have done a storyline about someone being afraid of a dog. But that’s when Chandler’s fear of dogs came out. He said he was so scared of them that he lied for years about having allergies.

7. Someone to get mad at him

Chandler goes to a lot of trouble to ensure everyone is happy, especially him. When Chandler was asked why he told people secrets, he said it made people like him. Chandler was also terrified of being around someone angry.

6. To Meet up with Janice

Fans of Friends don’t like some things about Chandler, like how he treated Janice like she was a horrible person. Fans think she’s cute, but Chandler doesn’t like her. He was so afraid of seeing her that he stopped wanting to.

5. For His Closest Friends to Leave Him

Chandler has sometimes done bad things to Joey, Ross, and the rest of the group in Friends. These are usually fine, but Chandler has sometimes gone too far. He knows he shouldn’t do it again because he doesn’t want to lose his friends.

4. People to think less of him as he does of himself

Chandler makes jokes about himself as a way to make fun of himself. Even though he doesn’t think much of himself, he’s afraid that other people do, too. Ross and Rachel said they wouldn’t be comfortable with Chandler being Emma’s only guardian, which made Chandler sad.

3. To give a promise

Even though he overcame this fear by the end of the series, Chandler’s main problem for most Friends was making a commitment. This was because Chandler had to go through his parents’ bad marriage, which made him think that all relationships were power struggles.

2. To make things hard for Monica.

Monica was the only woman who could deal with Chandler’s problems with commitment, so he switched his worries to the idea of breaking up with her. This turned out in funny ways, like when he proposed to Monica to make up for a silly fight and when he started to be afraid of Monica’s anger.

1. That Richard would steal Monica from him

Richard could be Chandler’s most significant fear because he worries about not being as good as him. Chandler used to look up to Richard, so he was afraid of how attractive Richard was and the chance that Monica would return to him. Friends: 10 Biggest Fears Of Chandler Bing’s

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