Fans of the show Better Call Saul are upset about the “jarring” recasting of a critical character.

Fans of the hit AMC show Better Call Saul were surprised by a new face in the most recent episode.

“Nippy,” the tenth episode of Saul’s sixth and final season, premiered in the US on Monday, July 25. It was all about Bob Odenkirk’s character Jimmy McGill in the “future.”

Following are details about the most recent episode of Better Call Saul.

In the episode, which takes place entirely in black-and-white, Jimmy is still living in Omaha, Nebraska, under the name of Cinnabon manager Gene Takovic.

From the flash-forward to the end of last season, we know that Jimmy was recognized by a cab driver named Jeff.

Jimmy gets Jeff to join him in a crazy, complicated plan to steal high-end clothes from a mall. By committing crimes together, they end up keeping each other quiet.

In seasons four and five, Jeff was played by Don Harvey. In the episode “Nippy,” however, Pat Healy took over the role.

After Odenkirk had a heart attack while filming season six of Saul, the change was made. Harvey was busy filming parts for the HBO show We Own This City so he couldn’t make the new dates.

Even though the casting change was unavoidable and viewers and the show’s writers have praised Healy’s performance, many Saul fans said they were surprised by the change.

Many people said they watched the episode without figuring out who the new Jeff was supposed to be.

“It’s stupid of Better Call Saul to bring back a character who only appeared once, recast them. And then expect me to recognize them. I kept thinking, “They act like I should know who Jeff is, but I don’t.” who is Jeff?'” wrote one person.

“Was I the only person who saw that?” the whole #BetterCallSaul episode and didn’t realize that the guy “Gene” was plotting with was the cab driver who knew him?” someone else. “It’s clear they changed who played the part. And I sat there wondering how this guy would fit into the story.”

Someone else wrote, “The new Better Call Saul episode is great, but it’s a shame that Jeff was changed.”

“As spoiled and annoying as everyone was about it, you must admit that this new Jeff is strange. She has a very different attitude than the guy in the first episode of season five,” another fan wrote.

One fan joked, “The Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul community must be having the worst meltdown of their lives over a recast.”

The next episode of Saul will air on AMC on Monday and the next day on Netflix in the UK.