“Better Call Saul” is being sued for making a “Liberty Tax Service” sketch about a statue. Look Like Embezzlers

Trade dress and trademark infringement are the grounds on which Liberty Tax Service has filed a lawsuit against AMC Networks, Sony Pictures, and the people who made “Better Call Saul.” The production team behind “Better Call Saul” is accused by the corporation of “actively misusing” and “ripping off” the company’s brand.

Additionally, the lawsuit claims that referring to the company as a fake constitutes “dilution, defamation, disparagement, and hurtful falsehoods.”

The main character in the second episode of Season 6, Show 2, goes to an infamous firm named “Sweet Liberty Tax Services,” headed by the Kettlemans. This family steals money from other people. The Kettlemans are referred to in the episode as “the Kettlemans.”

The lawsuit included screen pictures from the show. The one at the top of this piece is one of those screen photos.

better-call-saul-lawsuit.jpg (1200×628)

According to the paperwork sent to the court. Liberty Tax Service asserted that the series had shamelessly plagiarised its well-known logo and design aesthetic. Including photographs and reproductions of the Statue of Liberty.

According to the allegations made in the lawsuit. “Out of all the names Defendants could have used for the tax business shown. In Episode 2, they chose to copy the famous Liberty Tax trademarks, which have been used for over 25 years.” And “mimic an actual Liberty Tax location by putting the word “Sweet” in front of Liberty Tax’s trademark.” respectively. Both of these infringements are considered to be unfair competition.

On Tuesday, neither AMC Networks nor Sony responded to requests for comments from the media regarding the pending legal action.