A Better Call Saul writer responds to a fan’s complaint about episode 10.

Better Call Saul Thomas Schnauz responds to a fan calling S6E10 the worst episode. Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan’s prequel series follows Slippin’ Jimmy McGill’s transformation into Walter White’s attorney Saul Goodman and Cinnabon employee Gene Takovic. Nacho, Howard, and Lalo died during the cold war between Gus Fring and the Salamancas in the first nine episodes of Better Call Saul’s final season. Kim broke up with Jimmy and left Albuquerque in season 6, episode 9 before a flash-forward showed a transformed Saul Goodman (presumably during Breaking Bad).

Season 6 of Better Call Saul did not include a “Gene scene” set after Breaking Bad. Season 6, episode 10, “Nippy,” caught up with Gene after he told Albuquerque cabbie Jeff he was Saul. In a Better Call Saul episode, Cinnabon’s Gene carefully planned a mall robbery and blackmailed Jeff to keep his identity secret. The colourless episode marks the first time Better Call Saul followed Gene for the entire runtime, which fans have wanted from the beginning. Sadly, the episode didn’t meet expectations.

The writer and executive producer Schnauz, who isn’t credited as a writer on season 6, episode 10 of “Nippy,” recently responded to a criticism of the show on Twitter. One user said it was the “Worst. Episode. Ever.” And said they liked Better Call Saul. Check out what Schnauz and Rhea Seehorn had to say about it below:

Breaking Bad fans have criticized the prequel’s slower episodes despite its writing. No entries involving gunfire. For some, “Nippy” may feel like a break in the final season’s pacing. Especially those counting down until Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul appear. Better Call Saul writer Alison Tatlock said focusing on Gene was a way to shift gears for the finale. Before Jeff was recast as a buffoon, many thought the creepy cabbie was a cop. Instead of a police chase, episode 10 was a classic caper and Jimmy’s first foray into criminality since becoming Gene.

Better Call Saul’s Gene’s timeline is October 2010. After leaving Saul and changing his identity, Jimmy couldn’t handle life as Gene for long. Jeff’s latest schemes result from discovering his identity, but robbing a department store isn’t the only way to take it. Throughout the episode, Gene became more charismatic, if not alive. When he puts on Marco’s pinky ring, it’s as good for Slippin’ Jimmy as Jeff being a cop. The episode 11 teaser suggests Gene will get more screen time. As Schnauz knows, many fans don’t mind.