9 Amazing Better Call Saul Memes That Might Make Even Mike Laugh

here are some amazing Better Call Saul Memes that would make fans laugh.

9.Lalo and Howard are in Breaking Bad

Lalo and Howard’s deaths and burial under Gus Fring’s lab, where Walt and Jesse worked, is a famous meme.

Mike organized the cover-up after both guys died. While he was genuinely upset by Howard’s death, who was innocent in everything, the meme joking that both characters were technically in Breaking Bad the whole time is hilarious.



8.Kim’s Concerns

Bernie Sanders has been in several memes, so he makes sense in a Better Call Saul one. In it, he expresses worry about fan-favorite Kim Wexler. She’s one of Better Call Saul’s unlucky characters.

Fans don’t want to hear she was slain, but they’re anxious about her fate. Kim makes her own decisions but understands Jimmy isn’t good for her. Fans know she’s not in Breaking Bad, so they wonder what’s next for her.



Mike protected Kim and Jimmy from Lalo’s anger and then showed up with his guys to clean up the mess. Jimmy learned they were upgrading his refrigerator so they could use it to carry Howard’s body.

The Mike meme would make him giggle. Mike didn’t like that Howard was collateral damage. However, his quick thinking helped cover up the situation and get Jimmy a new fridge.



6.As One

This meme memorializes two of the show’s most compelling characters, Howard and Lalo. Lalo killed Howard, one of Better Call Saul’s brightest lawyers, in cold blood to conclude a discussion, but they were buried together.

Making them appear like cartoons is cruel, but it could help Mike see the humor in the situation.

5.I Have Men

Mike could do anything in 24 hours. He showed it by assembling a crew to cover up the killings of Howard and Lalo, dispose of the corpses, and concoct an elaborate story. Mike had ten more “guys” than Jimmy, from a trained pickpocket to impersonators who fabricated evidence.

Guy named Guys from okbuddychicanery

Even if Mike loses guys, he has others he can reach out to, and so on. He was the best-connected character.


4.Guy family


Gus’ family has been mentioned sporadically, but no one has seen him with anybody besides his employees. The season finale will reveal who Gus was before all of this.

The most obvious explanation from okbuddychicanery

This joke pokes fun at it, portraying Gus on a playmat with kids’ toys. Gus having kids or grandkids is unimaginable. Given how he covers his genuine personality at El Pollo Loco, he may have another double life.


3.Emotional Range


Mike never loses his cool, as indicated in the beginning. He’s often furious and unmoved. He does his work well.

As this meme jokes, Mike’s expression is always the same. He never shows his feelings. When he buried Howard, visited Nacho’s father, or played with his granddaughter, he showed some emotion. Mike would giggle at this jab.


2.Skill Set


The statement is from Liam Neeson’s 2009 movie Taken, where he threatens someone. He says he may not have money in a heated phone call, but his abilities can defeat them instantly. I agree.

Jimmy is one of Ranker’s top TV attorneys. His abilities include charm, swindling, manipulating people and circumstances, and a profound grasp of the law. That may make him as unstoppable as Bryan Mills.


1.Jazz Man


This meme uses Jimmy’s mannerisms to claim he’s giving the lawyer “jazz hands.” He was chatting expressively. The simple meme makes fans giggle.

With his attitude and motion blurred hands, he seems like he’s preparing to dance and sing. Jimmy is one of the show’s funniest characters, so it’s possible. Mike could roll his eyes, but he might also giggle.